About Homemade Properties

Homemade Properties knows that tenants have choices when it comes to renting. However we also know that our tenants are customers who will simply go elsewhere if unsatisfied with our service. One of the things that makes Homemade Properties different from our competitors is that we understand the importance of certainty when you are looking to create your home.

Based on this knowledge, when you rent your property with Homemade Properties you will always receive a first class service that includes:

  • Prompt and practical responses to any issues throughout your tenancy.
  • All repairs and maintenance undertaken by reputable contractors.
  • Reasonable annual rent increases at the market rate.

Most importantly, when you rent your home with Homemade Properties you live with the security that we will never serve you notice to vacate the property and the peace of mind that provides.

Homemade Properties is able to make this guarantee because our business success is centred around the core principle of sustaining long-term relationships with our tenants. We leave it to other companies to chase quick but unsustainable profits. Our focus at Homemade Properties is on enduring success and financial growth. We fully understand that this is only achievable with happy tenants who have the confidence to commit to their property and treat it as their own. In short, our property, your home.

About the M.D

Stephen Davies is established as a successful property dealer and investor based in Bristol. Formerly an estate agent in London, where he covered Notting Hill, South Kensington and Islington, Stephen set up in Fulham in 2003, and now runs seven property companies with residential and commercial property across South West London, Berkshire and Northamptonshire. Through these companies and those of his clients he is actively involved in the daily management of 500 residential and commercial properties across the UK.

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