Land & Property

We’re much more than residential investments. Homemade Properties deals with all types of property – houses, flats, shops and office blocks:

  • Redeveloping industrial estates
  • Installing telecom masts
  • Renting garages
  • Trading land
  • Applying for planning permissions on speculative developments
  • Buying property for commercial and residential letting
  • Building extensions
  • Major refurbishments

Generous finders fees are paid to anyone introducing us to property or land in the UK, upon completion. We know that all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. In fact the more neglected, the better!

If you know of anything which may be of interest - preferably not on the market, or you know the vendor needs to sell quickly, please use the form below to send us the details.

We are currently looking for freehold residential and commercial property of all types in the Bristol area - especially land or derelict (brownfield sites) property for redevelopment.  We will also look at contaminated land and have experience in remediation and redevelopment.

  • Commercial Investment

Commercial Investment

Homemade Properties has partner companies and clients that are constantly looking to develop their commercial portfolios. Presently our interests are centred on properties in two areas - West (including North and South West) London and Bristol. We are only concerned with freehold commercial properties that either have secure tenants already in place or a pre-let agreed.

We would like to be told of suitable properties that are on the market priced at between £250,000 and £1m. Ideally these buildings will have established businesses as tenants and at least a few years left to run on their existing leases.

If you are not sure whether a property matches our needs then please email us the details. Include the property's address, tenant details, current rent paid and lease length.

  • Garages


Homemade Properties has recently acquired around 200 lock-up garages within Greater London as part of a specific fund to acquire around 500 over 3 years, and we’ll look at any sites in built-up areas in the South East or South West of the UK. 

We are keen to buy more freehold sites in any condition provided they have direct access or a right of way to a public highway, are unbroken and self-contained.  Ideally a minimum of 4 units but please send us details of any site and we’ll always take a look!

  • Land


Several of Homemade Properties' partner companies and clients are concerned with buying land speculatively for long term development, farming or short-term redevelopment. Suitable land can be located anywhere in the UK and will not have been previously granted planning permission for development or have recently failed such an application.

Land plots should not be 'land-locked' and must be accessible from a public highway or at the very least a public right of way. Plots will be a minimum of 0.25 acre in size but can be anything up to 1,000 acres.

We are also interested in anything from derelict 'brown field' sites with vacant dilapidated buildings in place, scrub land, forests or fields. Even working farms have potential for us.

  • Mixed Use

Mixed Use

Homemade Properties is partnered with companies and clients looking to buy mixed use buildings in two areas - West (including North and South West) London, and Bristol. Types of buildings of interest are commercial shops, offices, estate agents, bars, restaurants and other premises with a business located on the ground floor and residential flats above.

Buildings will typically consist of between two and five floors, be located on main high streets or secondary ares and can be vacant, part let or rented out completely.

At Homemade Properties we are only interested in buying freehold properties and will not consider buildings which have failed planning applications within the past five years. If you are not sure if a particular property meets our requirements then please email us with its address, and where applicable details of any tenants, lease lengths and/or rents payable.

  • Residential Investments

Residential Investments

Homemade Properties is always looking to expand our property portfolios with good quality houses in a number of specific areas, primarily Bristol and Maidenhead and will consider other areas along the M4 corridor.

Preferred houses will ideally be located far from railway lines, flights paths and busy roads. Easy walking access to shops, parks, public transport or other amenities is a prerequisite; a combination of these elements will be perfect! Houses should have a garden or terrace, and street parking nearby (off street parking or a garage is even better).

We are not shy of undertaking some refurbishment including major redevelop and refurbishment.

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